How Fast Does A Solar Cover Heat A Pool

How Fast Does A Solar Cover Heat A Pool


A solar cover is an excellent weapon in any pool owner’s toolbox for keeping the ideal water temperature. It not only aids in heat reservation but also utilizes the sun’s power to heat your swimming pool. This article will provide all the crucial details you require if you wonder how quickly a solar cover can heat your pool.

Describe the solar cover.

A solar cover is a sizable sheet made of hardy, UV-resistant cloth. It is also referred to as a solar pool cover or thermal blanket. Its purpose is to absorb sunlight while floating on the water’s surface. The cover is a barrier, keeping heat inside the pool while allowing sunlight to pass through and warm the water below.

Pool Solar Covers: 

There are several different pool solar covers on the market. Typical possibilities include:

Bubble Covers: These covers look similar to bubble wrap and feature tiny air spaces that improve insulation and heat retention.

Liquid solar covers: These items don’t have a physical covering; instead, a thin coating of liquid chemicals forms on the water’s surface to prevent evaporation and heat loss.

Insulated coverings: Constructed with several layers of insulating material, these coverings are perfect for colder areas and offer good heat retention.

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How Do Solar Pool Covers Work?

pool cover

Solar pool coverings on your pool are just like enormous sheets of bubble wrap. The pool stays hot for a long time because the bubbles retain the heat from the sun. Solar covers help the pools to retain heat by shielding the water from chilly night time air in addition to warming pools for your day time swimming.

And now we have a question about heating cover : How much of a pool can a solar cover heat? While on a sunny day, a fully covered pool may typically gain in temperature by 11 to 15 degrees in roughly 6 hours.

Do Solar Pool Covers Work in Queensland?

The next question is “How well-functioning are solar pool covers?” Solar blankets would have perished long ago if they did not work effectively. Solar blankets or cover can cut a number of  heat loss and pool water evaporation by up to 94%, by 2016 Cal Poly study. A solar pool cover can heat water up to 10 degrees in Queensland. 

With the experts ( 2014 study by Collage), pool covers can decrease energy costs by as much as 29.99%. In contrast, a 2012 Michigan Energy Office study tells us that pool covers save energy expenses by about 50%. The efficiency of a solar pool cover helps with the amount of pool coverage.

How Long Does it Take a Solar Cover to Heat a Pool in Queensland?

There is no doubt that your solar panel can not get warmer with a solar pool cover, but just how much warmer you want it depends on a variety of things. The thing is that not all solar pool covers can heat a pool as shown. Liquid solar coverings are used to stay heat rather than to heat swimming pools. On the side the most efficient solar cover for heating a pool is a solar cover known as solar  blanket.

A solar blanket is able to raise the water temperature of the whole pool by up to 10-15 degrees in a day, it depends on the weather. On average, expect about a 5-degree can be increased on the first day. If we cover a pool all around then it can be warm in 6 hours in Queensland, according to the experts.

If the sun stays shining for  Three days it will raise the temperature by 7 to 10 degrees. This thing depends on several things, for example the cover’s thickness, the exterior temperature if it is an outdoor pool or for the internal temperature and  if it is an indoor pool than how much direct sunlight your pool actually receives, and No matter, not you’re using the solar cover in conjunction with a solar pool heater.

How Fast Will a Solar Cover Warm Up My Pool?

The following elements affect how quickly a solar cover heats your pool:

Sunshine Intensity: The solar cover will be able to absorb more heat the more intense the sunshine. As a result, pools in areas with more sunlight typically warm up quicker.

Ambient Temperature: Warmer air temperatures facilitate quicker heat transmission, facilitating quicker pool warming by the solar cover.

Cover Quality: The solar cover’s thickness and quality can affect how well it heats. The pool tends to heat up more quickly under thicker coverings with superior insulating qualities.

How Quickly Does the Sun Heat a Pool?

A pool can naturally heat up when exposed to direct sunshine in addition to employing a solar cover. The size and amount of sunshine the pool receives are significant factors in the heating rate. Under ideal circumstances, an uncovered pool may typically warm up by 1 to 2 degrees Fahrenheit every hour.

Does the Pool Remain Warm at Night Under a Solar Cover?

A solar cover is efficient at keeping heat inside during the day, but it might be warmer at night. Although the cover is a barrier to reduce heat loss, the pool’s temperature may gradually drop without direct sunshine. Consider employing extra heating techniques, such as a pool heater or a heat pump, to keep your pool warm at night.

What Cover Size Should I Purchase?

The efficiency of a solar cover depends on the size that is selected. Choose a cover that barely exceeds your pool’s size after measuring it. Doing so ensures appropriate coverage and heat loss from unprotected areas is decreased.

By considering the shape of your swimming pool, you need to measure the longest part and the widest part of your pool.  Then using those measurements, go for a tiny bit larger.  Remember, you are going to be cutting your pool cover to fit.  Some different solar cover sizes are 12×24’, 15 x 30’, 16 x 32’, 18 x36’ and 20 x 40’ these are the common sizes of a pool.  This doesn’t mean there are no other options available out there.

All in one thing is that a solar cover is the best way to help your swimming pool water get, and stay warmer for a long time.  They are not too expensive and are available at nearly every swimming pool supply store as or you can buy them online.  See you poolside!

Can My Solar Cover Be Cut?

A solar cover can be shaped to fit the size and shape of your pool, yes. This is especially helpful for smaller pools with odd forms. Use a utility knife or sharp scissors to precisely trim the cover to the required measurements while following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Do I Need to Cover the Whole Pool?

A solar cover to enclose the pool ultimately ensures optimal heat retention, but it may not be feasible or essential for everyone. A few pool owners decide only to cover a portion of their pool, leaving some areas accessible for swimming. Consider your unique requirements and preferences when choosing how much of your pool to cover.

How Quickly Will a Solar Cover Heat my Swimming Pool?

Experts say that a fully covered pool can heat between 10 to 15 degrees in about 6 hours.  The provided information is mixed out there.  Some of those experts say that you will get 7-10 degrees with three consecutive days of sun. 

But we  believe that a lot of this depends on different factors.  Things we consider in it are the thickness of your cover, the ambient temperature outside,  how much direct sunlight your swimming pool receives and No matter whether or not you are pairing the solar cover with a swimming pool heater.

A Must with a Swimming Pool Heater

In our opinion, a solar cover is a MUST need if you own a swimming pool heater.  The reason is that you lose SO much heat off of the surface of the water. Around 5 degrees a night. Yes, some of the heat can be absorbed into the swimming pool’s surface, and some condensates, but most of the heat is lost from evaporation. 

You already have spent thousands of your costs on the pool heater itself and have to pay for the gas to run it and enjoy it. Why would you want any of that costly heat to unnecessarily escape?  When a customer comes to us and makes a purchase of a heater from us we typically have them grab a solar blanket that suits them best.  I’m not best in making good conscience not to make this crucial recommendation.

Should I Cover My Entire Pool?

There are two available answers for this question.  If you want to get the maximum heating benefit from our solar cover, we advise them to cover the entire swimming pool.  This also puts a customer at a bit more of a risk for algae growth if you do not take care of your swimming pool water then the algae can fast their algae growth. Which means circulation, brushing and water chemistry.  If these are things you are facing, you may want to only cover 80-90% area of the swimming pool.

Can I Cut My Solar Cover?

Yes, In fact, the likelihood that you won’t have to cut it for fighting it into your pool if it is slim.  You have two choices when cutting a solar cover.  You are able to cut it to best fit the shape of your pool, leaving it as one large piece.  The other one is to cut it into manageable pieces for easier removal and placement.  It will not bare the warranty to cut your pool cover.

Pool cover warranties are used to cover the workmanship of the cover.  That means the layers of vinyl separating.  It is NOT used to cover the bubbles falling off as this is typically because of improper water chemistry, age of the cover or improper storage.

Dirt and Debris

Another best advantage to having a solar cover is they help you in keeping dirt and debris from falling into the swimming pool. You have to take off carefully, remove the cover or else it will all fall in. People who used to live in places that do not winterize their swimming pools with a solid cover, often they used to switch to solar covers. What they used to do is that they just left it on all winter. They are even now maintaining  the water chemistry and circulation.

You can easily leave your automatic pool cleaner attached while covering your swimming pool. It is invisible to keep the water as clean as possible. As far as a chlorine floater, you could  leave it in if you want,

but Remember it could get trapped and the excess secretion of chlorine in one spot could damage your cover and even your swimming pool’s surface. We advise our customer’s to remove the floater in the winter season of a cover to help for remaining the cyanuric acid in range.

How Fast Does a Solar Cover Heat a Pool?

When a pool owner gets the slightest inkling that summer is starting, the first thing they used to think about is how fast they can heat their pool in the easiest way possible. Popularity of Solar covers has been going up for years,

so we used to ask ourselves, “How fast does a solar cover heat a pool?” This question has multiple types, and the answer is depending on the pool. Solar covers may be beneficial, but by no means they can not heat your pool overnight.

Some Problems with Solar Covers

As far as solar covers can be used, they are just working for smaller pools, specifically with a dark surface for example a dark pebble tech. If you have a deep pool, solar covers will not be that beneficial to you,

if you select to not use your pool heater to help you in the heating process. If you are or want to use a solar cover, they just only work when your pool is actually covered with them, which can create a few issues.

When It’s Time to Decide

Let’s  be clear, solar covers do not heat pools, they are meant to stay heat in an already heated pool. Depending on your pool depth, using the sun to heat your pool seems ridiculous; who knows how time it could take.

But like a  pool owner we know how pricey it can be continuously heating a pool with the help of a gas or electric heat pump, as well. So this brings us back to our question, “How fast does a solar cover heat a pool?”

  We know now that they don’t need to heat a pool but rather help to stay the heat brought on by an external pool heater. When we are going to purchase a solar cover for your pool take into consideration that using a solar cover can be difficult in making it hard to clean your pool and by no means it will heat your pool in the dead of winter.

It’s Chilly Outside, So How Fast Does a Solar Cover Heat a Pool?

If you start using a solar cover that’s the only means to heat your pool, we warned you that it is not likely that your pool is going to increase as much heat as you are expecting. Solar covers just help in MAINTAIN heat that is provided by an external pool heater, this does not mean to be used as the main source for heating power. 

The main cause of heat loss in the pool is Evaporation, so having a solar cover is just going to act as a barrier between the water and the air. A solar cover can help in preventing evaporation throughout the night when temperatures drop, This will not however heat the pool overnight.

Solar covers help a pool warm up faster in the spring and help in maintaining warmth in a pool a bit longer in the fall but one misunderstanding or confusion about them is that they will warm up a pool in the dead of winter, which simply is not true. You need to have a heater for that! They will only keep the heat made by the heater in a pool.

(FAQs)-Frequently Asked Questions

Does a solar cover allow me to extend my swimming season?

By capturing and using the sun’s energy to warm the pool water, a solar cover can help you extend your swimming season and enjoy your pool for longer.

Do sun covers work with pool heaters?

Certainly! Energy use can be considerably decreased by using a solar cover with a pool heater. Faster heating and cheaper energy expenses are achieved because of the cover’s ability to retain the heat produced by the heater.

How long should my pool’s solar cover be left in place?

It is always advised to keep the solar cover on your pool. This lowers evaporation, maintains water temperature, and helps keep debris minimal.

Do solar coverings respect the environment?

Solar covers are environmentally friendly since they use solar energy to heat pools rather than relying exclusively on electricity or gas. They lessen carbon impact and energy use.


 Purchasing a solar pool cover is wise if you want to enjoy warm water while reducing energy bills. While the heating rate may vary depending on the amount of sunlight, the surrounding temperature, and the quality of the cover, a solar cover effectively traps heat and speeds up your pool’s natural warming process. Choose the appropriate size, consider cutting if necessary, and use a heated pool all swimming season long.

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